Beautiful mountain landscape with forests and located by a river


    welcome - hoşgeldiniz - welkom - willkommen


    Your A La Carte Restaurant


    Relax in a warm atmosphere


    welcome - hoşgeldiniz - welkom - willkommen


  • “A very charming hotel with a great location. The rooms are very comfortable and clean.

    Especially considering the interest and sincerity of the hotel owner and staff were definitely a place I can recommend. “

    Seher from Istanbul - Turkey, 25 november 2014 -

    “The relationship with the location and excellent customer”

    Kadir from Istanbul - Turkey, 18 november 2014 -

  • “Most hotel owner Nurtan lady’s friendliness and focus to comfort us in our own home to Treat, also jams that his breakfast served in their excellent”

    Selin from Istanbul - Turkey, 11 november 2014 -

    A wonderful place. The rooms are very clean with hot water and heating problems at very obsessed questions, but we never had a problem.

    Breakfast was very tasty, especially considering you should go to spend your week end.

    I highly recommend for those who want a friendly and peaceful accommodation.

    Meltemari from Turkey, november 2014 -

  • “The hotel’s location, cleanliness, staff interest and relevance is excellent.

    The only flaw is that the beds are too soft “

    Hilal Pınar from Istanbul - Turkey, 11 november 2014 -

    + “Position employees interested in cleaning breakfast”

    Özlem from Turkey, 11 november 2014 -

  • “Friendly and quality service, spacious and clean suite, and the Hotel owner Nurtan lady’s our preference would recommend to yanıltmadı.kesinlikl sincere approach.

    Friendly and quality service, spacious and clean suites, everything was great .I would definitely recommend “

    Pinar from Istanbul - Turkey, 5 november 2014 -

    “The staff is very friendly and the hotel was very clean. Breakfast is fine. Location can be easily recommend to everyone is very nice …. “

    Anonymous from Turkey, 24 november 2014 -

  • +  “we enjoyed the hotel, the village and the environment…hotel location is inside the village so you are close to every facility..”
    -   the problem is the mosquitoes. Although it is nothing to do with the hotel itself and a general problem for the region, the hotel management/owner should inform the guests and put necessary measures to eliminate this problem. this is creating a discomfort…

    Osman from Ankara - Turkey, 20 september 2014 -

    “The host was wonderful- she welcomed us by name, provided helpful advice and recommendations on what to do and really took care of us.

    The location was great- right next to where the bus lets you off- and in the center of town, a very short walk to the beach.

    Breakfast was traditional Turkish breakfast and very well done. We thought it was a lovely place and would happily go back again- it seemed much nicer than many of the other pensions that was saw.”

    Ben from New York - United States, 9 november 2014 -



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